Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Year new page!

There is always another corner to turn in this world of 'trying to have another baby' and thankfully after the new year we turned a new one, and a good one. After feeling down in the dumps about possibly not being able to continue on our path to adoption because of my lack of fingerprints, our social worker "M" talked to us about why they do the fingerprints and what it means for federal, state and agencies. It really is a grey area and even if a state says you need them, you possibly dont. I think because the FBI has done other background checks on me, they are saying I am 'good to go' and have given me the thumbs up. If they were going to find something on me from my prints, there would also be red flags from my DOB and SS# background checks....which there werent.

With that news, I went online researching all states that accept home studies and let you adopt without fingerprints. Well turns out its not really the state, its how the agency perceives the grey area within that law. So after a few calls to other agencies we didnt go with back when we first picked an agency, (and we were reminded why we didnt go with them), M told us about two agencies she had talked to who agreed to work with us. One was in Florida (I dont think they need prints anway) and one in Colorado. What to do what to do... well what i normally do. RESEARCH! Google here we come :)

We spent a couple of weeks doing some research about the two agencies - online, twitter, chat rooms and reviews and came to the conclusion that they are both great. So we went with our initial gut and all three of us (our 9 yr old is very included in all of this at this point) was to go with Colorado. So we did it, we signed up with the agency, and near the end of January we sent in our application and fee!! This just feels right. We are so happy that we have a new direction. Thinking trees and mountains!

During that time I emailed our current agency in MO that due to them needing fingerprints to move forward we wouldnt be working with them anymore. I didnt say we were going somewhere else, I just said at this time we are reviewing out options - which was true. You would think I would hear something back from them, like good luck or whatever. But no. Nadda. Its been about 3 weeks since I emailed. I guess we are feeling that it just wasnt right for us. Moving on.... yippeee!

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