Thursday, November 18, 2010

a new phase and a happy 2011?

Well the sono went better than any other. Of course slightly uncomfortable, but definitely not as bad as other times, which is great! The valium helped (and its usually that is the first thing to go out the window with these things), and I said a prayer to god, the universe, and anyone who was listening. Did some meditation, and my hubby talked to my lining, ha ha! Then it was time for a date with the dildo-cam, as well as a catheter being pushed through my cervix. Just another Wednesday morning. (I really think Wednesday is becoming the new Monday).

So my lining was a 6.5, woo hoo, thats awesome for me!! (i know pathetic on most people's scale), the shape looked great (ooh la la!), and....drum roll please, I have two follies (16 and 18) on my left side. Now if they can just hold out and grow a little more and pop on day 14 instead of today, we might have something to talk about! Baby dance going on over here :)

So its a go people, IVF #5 will commence after the holidays (cant fit it in now before lab closes for xmas), and its crazy times for us between now and mid Jan. So all is well. Hoping for a brilliant 2011!!!

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