Monday, December 6, 2010

Can somone knock me upside the head....this is NOT the month.

Monday morning.... need to movitate!

We had our annual holiday party this weekend, which was LOTS of fun as usual! We had delish food and drinks and many new people this year. We collect toys to take to our town social services group, so I will deliver them with my son today; they will be happy.

With all the excitement of the weekend and lead up to the party, I almost missed a visitor. Aunty Flo came for a visit. She barged in with all her force, but didnt stay long. So thats fine. I would be lying if I said I was ok with it and not surprised. I felt sure if ever there was a month it would happen...this would be it. I guess look on the bright side, get to enjoy the holiday season with some drinks and then January is a new year!

I told DH that if I am not pg by my 40th bday in July, that I want a puppy (he is not a fan of dogs!).

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