Monday, May 16, 2011

Lead up to ER!

Its the day after egg retrieval, but I was in no mood to post this weekend, between my sons birthday party, no sleep, a raging headache, oh and egg retrieval. there wasnt much time!

So here is how the weekend went

Friday - I went in for b/w in the am. The runaway bunny was still there, holding at a 20. I had a 15 and a 12. Not really good under their IVF guidelines (need 4 over 15 on day of trigger), and they felt that we would lose that 20 if we risked waiting for others, so it was decided it was Trigger day. For what, I didnt know. It was either IVF for be switched to IUI. They called later and said considering I had a frozen one we were going to use too, they would let me go to IVF. Of course my trigger was at 12:15 am that night, with one last dose of Follistim earlier in the evening. Grow follies grow! Finally went to bed around 1am.

Saturday - my alarm was set for 6:30am, but ds was so excited about his party that day, that he was up with the birds at 6:15 and bouncing around. Yawn! We left at 7am, drove to the main clinic (about an hour away), got blood taken and drove home, somehow by 9:10am. Hubby had just arrived home from a night shift, and ds's friend had arrived for the day. I still needed to get balloons and stuff for the goody bags (aka plastic crap that kids love and parents hate). Nothing like last minute! It all went smoothly, arriving in time for the party at noon, the kids had a great time and I was in bed taking a nap by 4pm. zzzzz. still with headache in tow.

When I woke up ds had invited his friend to stay the night, so it was ofcourse a late night. Actually it would have been midnight - which was fine as I was guzzling my last fluids I would see for over 12 hours - but ds
discovered that his pet frog had died. So I let them watch some more tv and we were all asleep around 1am.

Sunday - 5am - I was woken up by my headache returning with avengence! Needless to say didnt sleep that well until 8am when we got up and got ready to leave. Shipped the tired kids off to the friends parents, and we were on our way! I got there and couldnt see anyone in the entrance office, but didnt realize they do weekend IVF check ins where they do blood - upstairs. And my headache had the better of me, and all I could think of was getting that IV and happy drugs so I could be relieved just for a bit. They called hubby and so I assumed they knew we were there. Then I saw the anethesiologist looking outside. Didnt realize he was looking for me. Needless to say we were now late! excellent. After apologizing, changing super fast, signing some paperwork (with a different name...that is a whole other story!), I was ready for my happy drugs. I soon woke up to find out they had managed to retrieve four eggs (2 more than expected)!! yay me! and best headache!
went home and napped, took a percocet that night and slept like a baby for the first time in nights.

and here we are, a gloomy Monday morning. Great day for a PJ day!

waiting waiting...and hoping for my eggies to behave!

"Even miracles take a little time." ~ Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)

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