Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well after some time away to think and rethink.... its all come to a final IVF fresh cycle. I cant believe all i have done to get here...

4 IUIs/clomid
1 blighted ovum
2 DNCs
5 hysteroscopies
5 IVFs

We will see what we get and use frosty 2.0 and do a 5dt regardless. This is it, the finale of this rediculousness!

I am hoping I can hold out for 10 days of stims, so that dh can be there for both ER and ET. But whatever is meant to be will be! Really, I mean it. I am so mentally in a different place this cycle. Its not that I dont care, its just that this is it. I am ready to be done, regardless of this outcome it will be over! I do care and so badly want my own baby, but the one lesson I have learned over the course of this is that I have no control. I feel blessed to have come to truly believe it. Its funny as I still dont fly well (control issues), but I am truly ok with knowing that nothing I do (well other than doing what my dr says) will change the outcome. So here goes!

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