Friday, January 7, 2011

pressure points the target to de-stress?

Last year I tried accupunture and honeslty...well lets just say it wasnt for me. I did 3 sessions and at the top of the 3rd session I completely lost it. I guess the fact that I had to have my sister talk me into it as I drove the hour to her office probably should have tipped off that I really wasnt enjoying it. BUt I so badly wanted it to work. So after I cried and sobbed and just 'let it out' for about 10 minutes, she told me that she didnt think it was right for me at this time and I need to work on trusting people to touch me. H aha!! well you see, I dont usually have trouble with that, unless of course they are SHOVING NEEDLES INTO ME! infact my old intramuscular MS drugs hurt less! So she let me lie down and did some 'work' on my ears to relax me. See I wish she had started with that, as that was actually quite relaxing. Or maybe it was because we had broken up with each other (you know that sense of relief you get after a break up altho did she break up with me?).

So now here I am about to embark on around 'round' and wondering if I start it sooner if it will give me a better chance at liking it or whether I should just go to massage. My RE's clinic offers accupuncture, even before and after ET, and they have an option of lazer accupunture, which I should maybe look into.

Lots of people and studies say it helps. I wish I could just get past the part of having an axiety attack the minute she leaves me in the room alone with needles sticking out all over me. Just the image of what I must look like freaks me out!

Here is a good basic 'what to know' about accupunture and infertility, specifically talking about during IUI, IVF treatments.

even the media was looking into this over 6 years ago.. wow, I guess I should have thought about this a bit sooner?

So in looking around I found this 'how to'on accupressure, maybe I can do this myself?

either way, there is something to relaxing during this process and allowing yourself the time to chill out. I have just started meditation...the art of quieting the mind. Its really HARD! I can do it for about 30 seconds and thats about it. Its easier when someone else is working on you like in a reike session or massage as the movement and touch is almost mezmorizing which helps you feel a bit sleepy and relaxed. I need to look more into this. I know stress plays a factor on infertility and most stressors you cant take out, but I guess the way you deal with them is something that can be controlled.

even Britney Spears knows how to relax...
"Every night, I have to read a book, so that my mind will stop thinking about things that I stress about.”  - Britney Spears

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