Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saints and Steam

Cramps...and it's only CD1...again. Ugh!

So I was thinking the other day that its been a while since i did anything proactive for my fertility (well other than doing the deed, although that was minimal this month, um, once? What? It just wasnt part of our nighttime routine, both exhausted) anyway that isn't part of the story. I have been thinking again about accupuncture but just dont know if its right for me. So might look into doing massage...although its the $ to think about. I am doing a bit more with my meditation - up to a minute now! Also its important to nurture the spiritual side of your being. I have been tested more than any other time of my life during the past 7 years, I think that my faith in my religion and also in the universe has truly grown and the saying 'whats meant to be will be, and its out of our control' really has become more real this past year. I feel blessed to have come to a point in my life that I can truly say and believe it. Its hard to do.

Recently it cme to my attention that St Gerard is the patron saint of fertility. So I contacted this church in Jersey that supposedly sends them to people for praying to. So it cant hurt right? I will take all the praying possible! My fertility goddess sure as hell isn't doing what she Is supposed to do. But its been over a week and i haven't heard from the church and its getting close to CD1 (see first sentence re: cramps) so i thought I would just find one myself. Guess what, found one on, just search for St Gerad...there are a bunch of items. Wonder if its still as 'holy' and works the same. Not sure about buying religion items on Amazon, but need something here soon!

Then another item was brought to my attention by a few different people....check it out. Steamng your hoo ha!,0,3315605.story

Can you imagine?? Well I have done everything from sleeping with my hips up to drinking robitussin to thin out my cervical mucus, to eating copious amounts of yams to increase progesterone, and I even did some wheat grass shots with a friend going through the same thing, but couldnt stick to it, yuk! So why not try this? I mean it has to be better than acupuncture, right? Sorry bashing the needles again!

Hmm. Food for thought. LOL

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