Saturday, February 26, 2011

Patience is a virtue

So I am waiting to hear if any made it and whether it will be day 3 or 5 transfer. The other curve ball is that my RE is now thinking that if we make it to day 5, we will get frosty from clinic #1 and throw it in with anything else we have. That is so weird. That embryo has been sitting in freezing for the past two years. Every time I pass our old clinic on the highway, I wave. I know crazy, but its there, its alive and as long as we dont move it, noone can take that 'baby' away from me. Really gives me a whole appreciation of life from the early celular days.
If we do decide to use it, I will have to drive all over the state. Clinic #1 is an hour to the east of us and clinic #2 is an hour south of us. Also, I would need to pick up the container at clinic #2 first, drive to Clinic #1 and then back to #2, then home. Oh well, its what we do to have a baby, right!

Apparently there is some bad weather coming in tonight and again on Monday, so DH is worried about me driving around on Monday (it will be 3-4 hrs round trip! including the pick up and drop off paper work etc). Today is Saturday, and I have tried calling clinic #1 to see if maybe we can pick it up today/tomorrow instead, and of course they arent there on the weekends. I wish DH had thrown this idea at me before 7pm last night. But there has to be someone there doing ERs and ETs, right? I need to get back to the phone to try and dig my way in. Its like fort knox at medical offices on the weekend. There are secret back lines but then sometimes those go to voicemail, I want the phone that is hanging on the wall in the lab. How do I get to that phone?

back to the wait.....
come on embabies!!!!!

"We can't wait for someone else. We have to take the initiative. The world is changing, and we all have to change along with it.”  Milton Smith

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