Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sticks and eggs...

I had a dream last night that I just found out I was pregnant! That is the second time EVER that I have dreamt I was pg, the last time was in Oct...and I wasnt, so I guess I shouldnt think anything into it. Although it might mean that my cycle coming up will be successful; it WILL be successful! It was so real and I swear I woke up smiling :)

Not sure why, but I decided to do O sticks last week, and of course when I started peeing on them it had already changed. I dont know if it stays dark (the second line to show a surge) until you ovulate, or whether it sticks around until way after? Should probably know that after the hundreds of dollars I have spent on them. So we did the dead and actually had fun and romance doing it. That probably makes a difference, right? I wonder if the quality of sex makes a difference to whether you conceive or not? not that we arent happy when 'doing it' but there is a difference between, baby making sex, making love and crazy sex.... which is the best for getting those sperm to meet my egg and them getting it on, I mean really...do we need to set the mood for you ? Just as I am skeptical of how people can decide the sex of their baby by the position or day...I am probably not joining the bandwagon on this one either. But having said that, stress is always posted as a factor in infertility, and I swear I am shocked by the amount of people who say 'oh my god, I was so drunk and got pregnant'...well that doesnt work for me; tried it.

I found this article, which is wrong in so many ways...1. Invitro does NOT determine the sex of your baby. Yes, there is a test which many infertile couples do to figure out what might be chromosomally wrong with their embryos and yes, they can see the sex of the embie through that process. But I am thinking most people forking out $19,000 as you have quoted, are not caring the sex, they just want a baby! Maybe it was just written that way, but if you are going to speak about these things, do your homework and report the entirety of your thought. and 2. - having sex 3 days prior to Ovulating does not definitely give you a girl. I had sex on a tuesday, ovulated on friday and ended up with a beautiful bouncy boy.
And what does this mean? "Then you stop until the last day of your next period" ...uh ok.

here you can read it - http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/51850/want_to_make_a_baby_girl_or_boy_try.html

So back to me and my sticks and eggs...
We had lots of good sex last week :) and now I am crampy. Of course this doesnt mean anything, but I am using the power of positive thinking to make it work. Ha ha!! wouldnt that be fabulous if it were that simple!

In prep for IVF #5 I went in for b/w yesterday to make sure I have ovulated, which of course I had, so last night I started estrace. 2 mg twice a day. Woo hoo, the count down begins!

happy snow day to those in the 'belt' that is lashing the country today/tomorrow.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones....."

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