Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ET day is here!

Well seeing as I feel like I am going to throw up, and jump every time the phone rings, I would say that the emotions are flying high around here! Wow, this is way more nerve wracking than any other ETday I have gone into. I did metrogel last night - ummm thats yuck, and then stuck the giant tic tac up after it. TMI, but seriously...gross! I have to put a progesterone 200mg pill vaginally right before I leave at 11:30 and then its valium time ha ha!! hey, i figure I might as well be as relaxed as possible, right?!
The ET is at 12:45 - OMG cant believe I dont even know what is waiting for me!!

I am trying to push the negative thoughts away and just stay positive. I keep thinking, omg, what if there is nothing. But I know there will be something. I just have a feeling!! So I am positive and in a good place and the rest is out of my hands. So curious to see how they are all doing. They will call if nothing is there. They arent that mean. If that happens I will take the valium anyway!

Back later....

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