Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tale of the Traveling Embryo

Sunday, my hear hubby went and picked up the tank. He happened to run into one of the REs who said he would call our old clinic and ask if we could pick up the embryo that day. The weather on Monday was supposed to be bad and we were nervous about that small window of getting it there in time. By the time he got home with the tank, the other clinic had called to say we could come and pick up! So he strapped it into my car and off I went.
When I pulled up at the old clinic a flood of emotions came back. This the place where I had been given so much hope, where I had been told my pregnancy was a ghost baby (blighted ovum) and also where my frosty baby had lived for the past 2 years. I had waved at the building every time I drove by on the highway, which wasnt often, as its an hour away, but did it all the same.
I opened the car door to get the tank - which I have not mentioned, looks like a small trash can - and holy cow it was heavy! I lugged it across the parking lot and then realized I wasnt sure I should even be carrying anything that heavy. Although not PUPO it was only 3 days since ER and my ovaries still felt sore. The guy at the front desk saw me struggling and asked if I needed help. I asked if he had a dolly and he came out with a wheelchair! How funny. I pulled into the waiting room on the 3rd floor looking like one of those crazy people who carry a doll in a stroller pretending its their baby! The guy in the waiting room looked at it and then at me and then back at the tank and then down. He smirked. ok, so yes, it was very amusing!
Once frosty was packed up we drove from clinic #1 to clinic #2. I probably drove the slowest I have in a while, for fear it would tip over and nitrace gas would fill up my car and frosty would defrost! We made it and the very kind embryologists had made sure someone was there to meet me and take care of my popsicle baby.
Ahh...it was done. Safe. Now I could relax for a bit. Well sort of, now the worry if frosty would survive the thaw and if any of the others would make it to day 5. Geez, the worry of a mother starts even earlier with this process!

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