Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My RE just called and said "so I have a curve ball for you"... huh?
I guess one of the 'slow' one that was still around yesterday but hadnt made it to blast, so was going to probably crap out, made it to blast today! WHAT THE...!!!

So I have an option. Can freeze it, or go have it put in with the other! we opted to freeze, as honestly if this doesnt work, I will always think it was because of that. There is another frosty! ha ha, Frosty 2.0!

Good grief, just when you think this journey couldnt get any wackier, here it is! I wonder if that one is any good as it was so slow. But he said that it was better quality than the fresh and frozen we put in yesterday. Wow! Yep, nothing is text book with me. When I have been told something wont be a certain way, I dont believe it! anything is possible with me ha ha!!

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