Tuesday, September 28, 2010

saline and insurance!

b/w today...just found out I need a saline sono on thursday...yay (enter sarcasm here).

So earlier this summer I had a biopsy done of my uterus. It was to check for the 'receptors' to see if I could actually 'receive' the embryo so to speak. It was a pretty quick exam, where they go through the cervix with tiny snippers and take a couple of pieces of the lining which then goes off to the lab for a few weeks. Well mine came back with everything a-ok! So we are thinking of doing another cycle, yippee!!

The other good news is that hubby's work for some reason switched insurance, so we have found out that we have two more IVF cycles covered. Whoa! I dont know if this is cooincidence, or if the Universe is trying to tell us something. We are like the little engine that could...keep on going.

So I need to get new testing done, such as the saline sono. Atleast it isnt the hystosalpingogram....which is AWFUL! Sorry, dont mean to scare anyone who hasnt had this test and needs to get it done. I think my situation might be slightly different. So when we were realizing that my periods hadnt really come back since ttc #2 for a couple of months off the pill (actually on the pill they were incredibly light and short too), I went to see a gyn who suggested this test to see if there was any scaring, possibly as a result of my d&c after I had ds two years prior.

I was nice and fuzzy from a valium, and had to lay on this metal table at the hospital. He put the speculum in which was fine, but then attached this thing called a tenaculum, holy hellfire that hurt! That is a little instrument that holds the cervix still (didnt know it moved around ha ha!). Then he tried to insert the catheter, but it wouldnt go in, so he gave me some medicine that made me dialiate. Whoa!! HELLO!  This didnt get us anywhere but led me to my first hysteroscopy which found scaring all over including on top of the cervix, hence not being able to get in....it was like Fort Knox!
a year later when I still wasnt preggers, we re-did the test. Not quite as dramatic getting in, but once in they blow up a baloon to hold the uterus open and then squirt a die into teh catheter. They watch on ultrasound and made me move side to side to get it to go through my tubes. Really not fun but I guess a good test for seeing whats going on in there, especially the tubes.
Luckily the saline sono is just water and definitely not as dramatic!

IN regards to insurance, we feel so unbelievably blessed to keep having these opportunities. Its not to say its free, I have spent hundreds and thousands in co-pays for surgeries, procedures and meds, but its nothing like what others are paying. Its nuts. We live in a state that mandates IF coverage be given is possible and proven necessary. Here is a really nice grid of state laws in regards to IF insurance....


I wish there was a way for others to get as much coverage. I know there are groups out there that have grants and scholarships for people wanting help to pay for such things.

There are some listed in this website:


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