Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello blogosphere!

Wow, hello to the blogosphere! I am here, I have finally decided to join the blogging world to tell my story, and writing helps clear the mind, so sounded like a good idea.

I have had six years of ups and downs in the land of Fertility and none of it has made much sense. I have changed as a person both inside and out, and even though the day to day changes that I can see dont always seem to be for the better, I feel that overall my growth as a person throughout this process is unmatched to that of any other time in my life. I dont feel blessed to have walked this path in order to get to the end result, but I definitely feel blessed to have met the people I have met because of it and also to have learned values in life and to see how strong my inner core really is.  So I guess I should take that back, I do feel blessed!

I am not sure that most people ever have a chance to be tested quite this way, the way people are when  they desire something so much that isnt changed by attitude, effort or even money.

Last year I realized I had alot to share, alot of insight and alot of writing I had done along the way. In searching what to do with that writing, it was recently suggested that I write a blog. Me, have a blog? hmm...that would mean telling people about my thoughts and secrets, and also what on earth would make people interested in my overly played with uterus and not so great quality eggs. The answer to that question came from the same person who suggested the blog. "Well if you are so interested in what others have gone through, then they might be in you too." 

So, welcome to my journey; thanks for listening!


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